June 2019

About the Nordic Payments Council

The purpose of the association is to contribute to safe, efficient, economically balanced and sustainable, convenient domestic and cross border multicurrency payments in the Nordic countries through the development and management of pan-Nordic payment schemes.

The Nordic Payments Council (NPC) manage the Nordic payment schemes that facilitate payments within the Nordic countries. The main objective for the NPC is to contribute to harmonised payments in the Nordics. The NPC is a not-for-profit association formed by members; combining the Nordic bankers’ associations, banks and payment institutions covered by the PSD2 directive. 

Based on an ongoing dialogue with other stakeholders and regulators at Nordic level, the NPC’s role is to support and promote the integration and development of Nordic payments. To ensure that the schemes keep meeting market needs and technological evolutions, the NPC regularly updates them, following the development of SEPA payment schemes and a transparent process that includes significant involvement of all stakeholders. By following the SEPA payment schemes as much as possible the NPC also facilitates a stronger integration between the Nordic currencies and the euro-zone in the payments area.


NPC consists of a General Assembly, a Board of Directors, a Secretariat headed by the Secretary General, a Scheme Management Committee and a Nomination Committee.

The General Assembly consists of all Members and decide, among other things, on budget, financing model and the NPC Internal Rules. 

The Board consists of the Founding Members and decides on matters within the scope of the NPC, approve new members, establish working groups etc. 

The Scheme Management Committee decide on the development and management of the Schemes while the Nomination Committee make recommendations to the General Assembly regarding candidates for the Board and the Scheme Management Committee.