April 2022

Change Management

The NPC Payment Schemes are updated every two years to reflect market needs and evolutions in the technical standards developed by international standards bodies, such as the International Organization for Standardization. This evolution is guided through a transparent change-management process, open to all stakeholders.

The 2023 Change Management Cycle for the NPC Payment Schemes is described below. More information on the current Public Consultation is found here.

The Change Management Process is initiated by a call for change requests and all stakeholders are invited contribute with proposals to changes to the rulebooks by providing change requests. The NPC is then processing all change requests and analyses the legal and technical feasibilities.

All suggested changes to the NPC Payment Schemes are presented to the market in a three months public consultation where all stakeholder can comment on all suggested changes.

In line with its commitment to transparency, the Nordic Payment Council will publish its position on each change request received during change management cycle, so that all stakeholders know why their change requests propositions were taken forward or set aside.

The Change Management Cycle ended with updated versions of NPC Credit Transfer and NPC Instant Credit Transfer Rulebooks published in June 2022. NPC Credit Transfer Rulebook will enter into effect in May 2023 and NPC Instant Credit Transfer Rulebook in November 2023, which leaves enough time for scheme participants to make adjustments needed to keep their systems updated.