NPC Schemes

The NPC manage Nordic Payment Schemes to facilitate payments within the Nordic countries. The main objective for the NPC is to contribute to harmonised payments in the Nordics. To ensure that the schemes keep meeting market needs and technological evolutions, the NPC regularly updates them, following the development of SEPA payment schemes and a transparent process that includes significant involvement of all stakeholders. By following the SEPA payment schemes as much as possible the NPC also facilitates a stronger integration between the Nordic currencies and the euro-zone in the payments area.

The NPC owns the following Payment Schemes:

A payment scheme is a set of rules which have been agreed upon to execute transactions through a specific payment message (such as credit transfer, direct debit, card, etc). It is different from a payment system, which is a technical infrastructure that processes transactions in line with the rules defined in a payment scheme and the currencies covered by the Scheme by the Scheme Currencies. Each payment scheme consists of a Rulebook and one or many​ Implementation Guidelines.