March 2024

Public consultations on the NPC Payment and CoP Schemes Rulebooks has started

Today public consultations on the change requests for the 2025 NPC Credit Transfer Rulebook, the 2025 NPC Instant Credit Transfer Rulebook, and as well for the 2024 NPC Confirmation of Payee Scheme Rulebook, has started.

All NPC members and stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback on the suggested changes until June 1, 2024, to be introduced into the next version of the NPC rulebooks. This public consultation is held to ensure that the schemes reflect the needs and evolution of the market, NPC’s members, and their customers.

Change requests have been submitted by stakeholders, banking communities and by NPC working and support groups. These change requests are possible modifications to be introduced into the next version of the NPC rulebooks.

The new versions of the NPC Credit Transfer and NPC Instant Credit Transfer Rulebooks will enter into effect in November 2025. The updated version of the Confirmation of Payee rulebook will be published in November 2024 and enter into effect immediately as the scheme isn’t currently in use. After NPC CoP is implemented, the market will be given the customary one-year lead time in the future.

More details regarding the public consultation and how to participate is found on this page.