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The Nordic Payments Council (NPC) creates and manages Nordic schemes to facilitate payments within the Nordic countries. The main objective for the NPC is to contribute to harmonised payments in the Nordics.

The NPC is a non-profit member association combining four Nordic bankers’ associations, banks and payment institutions covered by the PSD2 directive.

The membership requirements are objective, non-discriminatory and proportionate.


Information meetings on the NPC and the NPC Schemes

The NPC invites to information meetings on October 25 and October 28, open for anyone interested to participate. The meetings will inform about the NPC and the Nordic payment schemes, and will be held digitally. The NPC offers two different dates for the information meetings, please choose one date that suits you.

Please register to the meeting that you would like to attend to by following the corresponding link below:

On-going 2023 Change Management Cycle for NPC Payment Schemes

The NPC Payment Schemes, NPC Credit Transfer and Instant Credit Transfer Schemes, will be updated in November 2023.

More information found here.


NPC 2021 General Assembly held on June 10, 2021 

The NPC General Assembly took place on June 10, 2021. Decisions were regarding updates of the NPC Bylaws and Internal Rules as well as all formalities. The minutes have been distributed to all members. For more information, please contact Secretary General Jenny Winther,

Updated versions of the NPC Rulebooks was published in April 2021

Updated versions of the NPC Credit Transfer Scheme Rulebook and the NPC Instant Credit Transfer Scheme Rulebook was published in April 2021, taking immediate effect. The updated versions only include minor changes and will have no business impact or impact on operational rules.

Follow this link to learn more.

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