April 2021

Updated versions of the NPC Rulebooks has been published

Updated versions of the NPC Credit Transfer Scheme Rulebook and the NPC Instant Credit Transfer Scheme Rulebook has just now been published, taking immediate effect. The updated versions only include minor changes and will have no business impact or impact on operational rules.

The updates have partly been done to align to the EPC SCT & SCT Inst Rulebooks 2019 v. 1.1 and 1.2 & 2021 v1.0 and to the EPC Addenda & Errata 2019 v.1.0 for SCT and SCT Inst Implementation Guidelines. The updated versions has been approved by the NPC Scheme Management Committee.

The new rulebooks are found here:

In connection to the updates of the rulebooks, the following Implementation Guidelines have been updated, including related Clarification papers: