June 2019

The NPC launches an Open Consultation on its rulebooks

As of today, The NPC has invited members of the national clearing systems, end-users of payment services, authorities and other stakeholders to respond to NPC’s open consultation on its Credit Transfer and Instant Credit Transfer Schemes.  

This is the first open consultation performed by the NPC concerning the first two NPC Schemes. The NPC Credit Transfer and Instant Credit Transfer Schemes are a set of rules, practices and standards to achieve interoperability for the provision and operation of credit transfers and instant credit transfers agreed at interbank level for DKK and SEK. The Open Consultation will continue until September 6, 2019.  

After the open consultation period is completed, the NPC will analyse and review all comments in an open dialogue with identified stakeholders. Decided changes will thereafter be amended to the rulebooks. The schemes are expected to be approved by NPC and final versions 1.0 published in November 2019. The schemes will then go into effect one year later, in November 2020. The effect date is the first possible date for payments to be made based on the new schemes. The exact dates from when payments will be made according to the new schemes will be dependent on the different markets’ implementation and migration planning. Legacy payment rules and market practices will continue to exist in parallel until the migration in each market is completed. 

More details regarding the open consultation is found on the open consultation page.