June 2020

The Nordic Payments Council’s approach to the EPC’s public consultation of the SEPA Request-to-Pay Scheme Rulebook

Requesting a payment in exchange of goods or service can in the future become a standardised foregoing part of a payment transaction. This will allow creditors (“payees”) to request payments from individual debtor (“payers”). This function is therefore called a “Request-to-Pay” (RTP).

The European Payments Council (EPC) have been developing the SEPA RTP (SRTP) Scheme Rulebook. This first version will be published in November 2020 and take effect shortly thereafter but will only be covering RTP messages in euro. The ambition for the EPC is to have reachability and interoperability not only for the euro-zone but for the whole of Europe. Therefore, after a first version of the EPC SRTP Scheme Rulebook is published, the EPC will start assessing the possibilities to make the EPC SRTP Scheme Rulebook currency agnostic, thereby including the Nordic currencies mentioned above.

The NPC has decided to put its own development of a Nordic Request-to-Pay Scheme (RTP) on hold and await the development in EPC on making the SEPA RTP Scheme currency agnostic. If there is a need to deploy services based on a RTP Rulebook within the Nordics prior to when a currency agnostic EPC SRTP Scheme Rulebook is published, the NPC will see to that there will be one for the Nordic currencies Danish Kroner, Swedish Krona and possibly Norwegian Kroner based closely on the EPC SEPA RTP. If Nordic market actors have that need, the NPC needs to be informed about such a need and be given an indication of when there is a need to start a service based on a RTP Rulebook for the Nordic currencies. Please send any comments or questions regarding this to the NPC at info@npcouncil.org.

Meanwhile, the NPC would also like to encourage all Nordic market actors interested in RTP to take part in the EPC public consultation of the EPC SRTP Scheme Rulebook. This is the opportunity to influence the content of the Rulebook that will be most likely also used for the Nordic currencies (Danish Kroner, Swedish Krona and possibly Norwegian Kroner). Anyone can participate in the EPC Public consultation which is open from June 2nd to August 30th and all information regarding the EPC public consultation is found here: https://www.europeanpaymentscouncil.eu/news-insights/news/public-consultation-sepa-request-pay-scheme-rulebook

We invite the Nordic market to participate in the up-coming NPC information meetings on Request-to-Pay and the NPC and its schemes in general:

  • In Denmark, a meeting will be held on October 13 between 10-12 at the Finance Denmark office, Amaliegade 7 in Copenhagen
  • In Sweden, a meeting will be held on October 14 between 9:30-11:30 at the Swedish Bankers’ Association office, Blasieholmsgatan 4B in Stockholm

Please register, before October 6, to the meetings by sending an e-mail to info@npcouncil.org stating your name, e-mail address and phone number. Please also state if you want to attend in Copenhagen or in Stockholm and whether you would like to participate in person or digitally.

Information in Finland will be given through the ordinary forums handling payments and payments infrastructure.

The NPC will be happy to answer all further questions or comments, please e-mail info@npcouncil.org.