July 2022

NPC Implementation Guidelines version 2023 has been published

The Nordic Payments Council have published updated versions of the NPC Implementation Guidelines. The publication is done based on version 1.0 of the NPC Credit Transfer and Instant Credit Transfer Scheme Rulebooks version 2023 that was issued on June 20, 2022.

These documents set out the NPC directions for implementing the interbank credit transfer ISO 20022 XML message standards and recommendations for the customer-to-bank and bank-to-customer XML message standards.

The following Implementation guidelines have been updated:

  • NPC002-01 NCT Inter-PSP IG 2023
  • NPC003-01 NCT Customer-to-PSP IG 2023
  • NPC012-01 NCT Inst Inter-PSP IG 2023
  • NPC013-01 NCT Inst Customer-to-PSP IG 2023
  • NPC004-01 Recommendation of Customer Reporting NCT and NCT Inst 2023

The updated versions of the NPC Implementation Guidelines are found on the the webpage for the respective Payments Scheme:

NPC Credit Transfer Scheme Rulebook

NPC Instant Credit Transfer Scheme Rulebook