February 2023

Invitation to NPC information meeting in March 2023

The NPC now invites to an information meeting, open for anyone interested to participate. The meeting will cover the following topics:

  • NPC Information & status
  • NPC Membership & Scheme Adherence
    • Becoming a member of the NPC – dependencies to ongoing payments infrastructure initiatives and time plans
    • When is it time to adhere to NPC Schemes?
  • NPC Payment Schemes Change Management
    • Start of Change Management for 2025 version of NPC payment Schemes
  • NPC and Confirmation of Payee – a new Scheme
    • Benefits, development and possibilities for the market
  • NPC and Request-to-Pay
    • Latest news
  • Questions and comments
  • Next steps and meetings

The meeting will be held digitally via Microsoft Teams on:

  • Thursday March 23 between 13-15 CET

Please register to the meeting by clicking on the link below:

Thursday March 23, between 13-15 CET