December 2020

Bits reinstated as an Ordinary Founding Member in the NPC

As of December 17th, the financial infrastructure company for the banking industry in Norway, Bits A/S, has been reinstated as an ordinary founding member in the NPC by the Board of Directors. This will strengthen Nordic collaboration in the NPC further. Bits will fully support planning for future use of NPC Schemes in the Norwegian payments market. A process of evaluating the implication on the ongoing work streams within the NPC has been initiated.

Bits was originally a part of the establishment of the NPC in 2018 but retained an observatory status in the NPC following a decision in March 2019 by the Executive Board of Finans Norge to halt further evaluation work on a future Nordic payment infrastructure.

“I’m happy to see Bits re-joining as a full-fledged founding member as this is an important part in integrating the Nordic payments markets in order to profoundly change the way payments are done across the Nordics,” said Henrik Bergman, Chair NPC Board.

“Bits has been heavily involved in the NPC ever since the inception of the organisation. This step represents a commitment from the Norwegian payment community to focus on the possibilities in the Nordic collaboration and standardisation, and Bits will work to have the NPC schemes implemented in Norway,” said Eivind Gjemdal, CEO of Bits.