November 2021

Public Consultation 2022 - NPC Payment Schemes

This public consultation performed by the NPC is regarding the NPC Payment schemes - NPC Credit Transfer Scheme and NPC Instant Credit Transfer Scheme. The Public consultation period will be open between November 1, 2021 and February 1, 2022.

Documents related to the consultation

NPC Credit Transfer Scheme

NPC Instant Credit Transfer Scheme

NPC Credit Transfer and Instant Credit Transfer Schemes ISO upgrade 2019 version

A public consultation is now open on the change requests for the 2023 NPC Credit Transfer Rulebook and the 2023 NPC Instant Credit Transfer Rulebook between November 1, 2021 and February 1, 2022.

It is a key objective of the NPC that the NPC Payments schemes are able to develop with an evolving payments market. To meet the demands of the scheme participants and stakeholders, the NPC schemes are subject to a change management process that is structured, transparent and open, governed by the rules of the management and evolution function of NPC Scheme Management. This is done according to the NPC Scheme Management Internal Rules (the SMIR). All NPC members and stakeholders are therefore encouraged to provide feedback on the suggested changes to be introduced into the next version of the NPC rulebooks.

This public consultation is held to ensure that the payment schemes reflect the needs and evolution of the payment market, NPC’s members and their customers.

The two documents, NPC009-02 NCT Rulebook 2023 Change Request Public Consultation and NPC090-02 NCT Inst Rulebook 2023 Change Request Public Consultation detail and offer the analyses of the change requests submitted, and recommendations by the NCT & NCT Inst working group on the way forward with regards to individual change requests. Proposed changes detailed in the Public Consultation documents will be taken forward if they are:

  • broadly accepted by all NPC participants and stakeholders
  • technically and legally feasible
  • approved by the Scheme Management Committee (also known as SMC and is the decision-making body in charge of the schemes’ evolution in the NPC).

One of the  suggested major changes for the new versions of the NPC payment scheme is the implementation of upgrade from ISO 20022 version 2009 to the ISO 20022 version 2019. A high level summary of these changes is provided in the document NPC analysis of upgrading to ISO 2019 version

All stakeholders and NPC members are welcome to participate in the public consultation by using the response templates and send it to by February 1, 2022 at 17h00 CET at the latest. The NPC will not consider any feedback received after this deadline.

The updated versions of the NPC rulebooks will be published in June 2022 and enter into effect in November 2023, in accordance with market best practice.