June 2019

Open consultation

The NPC’s role is to support and promote the integration and development of Nordic payments. To ensure that the schemes keep meeting market needs and technological evolutions, as well as ensuring a transparent process, significant involvement of all stakeholders is essential for the NPC.

This is the first open consultation performed by the NPC concerning the first two NPC Schemes - NPC Credit Transfer Scheme and NPC Instant Credit Transfer Scheme.  

The NPC Credit Transfer and Instant Credit Transfer Schemes are a set of rules, practices and standards to achieve interoperability for the provision and operation of credit transfers and instant credit transfers agreed at interbank level for DKK and SEK.

An NPC Scheme consists of a Rulebook which focuses on the business process layer and appropriate elements of the logical layer and Implementation Guidelines regarding interbank messages, customer-to-bank messages and bank-to-customer messages.

Subject to the open consultations are:

The schemes are expected to be approved by NPC and final versions 1.0 published in November 2019. The schemes will then go into effect one year later, in November 2020. The effect date is the first possible date for payments to be made based on the new schemes.

The implementation guidelines can be retrieved by sending a request to info@npcouncil.org.

Time period of the Open Consultation

The Open Consultation period is between June 13 to September 6, 2019.

Process for the Open Consultation          

All recipients of the open consultation are invited to respond to the open consultation either by just acknowledge the receipt of the consultation and state that there are no comments or to comment on the consultation.

When commenting on the consultation the recipient is requested to use the template linked to below:

Template for comments and secretariat observations

Information meetings on the Open Consultation

The NPC has held information meetings on becoming on the Open Consultation in August 2019. The presentation from these meetings are found here.

[1] The published version will be 2020 NPC Credit Transfer Rulebook version 1.0

[2] The published version will be 2020 NPC Instant Credit Transfer Rulebook version 1.0