December 2019

NPC Credit Transfer Scheme Rulebook


The NPC Credit Transfer Scheme is a set of rules, practices and standards to achieve interoperability for the provision and operation of a credit transfer agreed at interbank level for the currencies covered by the Scheme (Scheme Currencies). The objectives of the Rulebook are:

  • To be the primary source for the definition of the rules and obligations of the Scheme
  • To provide authoritative information to Participants and other relevant parties as to how the Scheme functions
  • To provide involved parties such as Participants, Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms (“CSMs”), and technology suppliers with relevant information to support development and operational activities

This Rulebook is written on a conceptual level. In addition to the Rulebook, there can be local market practices, additional agreements and documentation from CSMs, technology suppliers or other relevant parties.

In addition to the Rulebook there are a number of key documents which support the Scheme operationally, the NPC Credit Transfer Scheme Implementation Guidelines. Theses guidelines are available as three complementary documents:

  • the guidelines regarding the interbank messages (NPC Credit Transfer Scheme Interbank Implementation Guidelines)
  • the guidelines regarding the customer-to-bank messages (NPC Credit Transfer Scheme Customer-to-Bank Implementation Guidelines) which each Participant is recommended to support at the request of the Originator
  • the guidelines regarding bank-to-customer message (NPC Credit Transfer Scheme Bank-to-Customer Implementation Guidelines) which each Participant is recommended to support at the request of the Originator or Beneficiary

To ensure planning security for all market participants to implement the changes within their organisations, the publication of the new rulebook versions follows a predictable release management cycle. In accordance with industry best practice, payment service providers and their suppliers have enough time to address the rulebook ahead of December 19 2020, which is the effective date of the rulebook. Please note that: the actual date when transactions can be made according to the Rulebook will dependent on when the participants and the CSM implementing the Rulebook are ready.

The vision of the NPC is to follow the SEPA payment schemes as much as possible. This document summarizes, on a high-level, the differences between the EPC SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme Rulebook and the NPC Credit Transfer Scheme Rulebook. A mark-up Rulebook version, can be received by sending an email to and requesting a copy, all detailed differences are highlighted.