August 2019

NPC Members

The NPC members are a crucial part in developing and deciding on the NPC Schemes. All banks (credit institutions) and payments institutions that fulfills he membership requirements are welcome to become Scheme Members to the NPC in order to be part of the development and decision process of the NPC Schemes.

The membership requirements are objective, non-discriminatory and proportionate, and in general terms applies to all banks (credit institutions) and payments institutions within the geographical scope of the SEPA area who have a plan to become reachable for payment transactions using the NPC Scheme in one or many of the NPC currencies. All Scheme members have an obligation to sign an adherence agreement for an NPC scheme either within a year of becoming a member or within a year of a scheme being completed.

The Scheme membership will be open to any legal entity which has been legally constituted and has the legal personality in accordance with the laws and practices of its country of origin and is:

  • a credit institution which is authorised in accordance with Article 8 (1) of Directive 2013/36/EU by a state which is a member of the European Economic Area or
  • a payment institution which has been authorised under Article 11 of the Payment Services Directive, or any other payment service provider listed in Article 1.1 of the Payment Services Directive or
  • an institution referred to in points (2) to (23) of Article 2 (5) of Directive (EU) 2013/36/EU, except for institutions which are eligible to be Non-Member Participants or
  • an entity with authorisation equivalent to those referred to in (a) or (b) above by an equivalent competent authority established in another country or territory included in the geographical scope of the SEPA

In addition to that, the Nordic Bankers' Associations from Denmark, Finland, Norway (Bits) and Sweden are Founding Members of the NPC.

Becoming a member of the NPC 

All future participants of the NPC Schemes will be obliged to become a member of the NPC in order to use the schemes.  

It will be the members of the NPC that work with the development of and decide on the NPC Schemes. Banks and payments institutions are now welcome to become members to the NPC in order to be part of the development and decision process of the NPC Schemes.  

For the first NPC Schemes – NPC Credit Transfer Scheme and NPC Instant Credit Transfer Scheme - the process of reviewing all comments will start in September 2019. To be a part of that decision process, your application for an NPC membership will be needed before the end of August 2019.  

More details regarding the NPC are attached: 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the NPC, a membership application (together with the detailed membership application form) will need to be filled out, signed and sent to:

Nordic Payments Council 
Att: Jenny Winther
PO Box 7603
SE-103 94 Stockholm

The NPC has held information meetings on becoming a member at the NPC in August. The presentation from these meetings are found here.