October 2021

NPC Stakeholder Forum

To be able to develop the NPC payment schemes, NPC established a Stakeholder Forum in 2020 to involve and enable a wide cross-section of interest groups at the Nordic level to provide their view on the evolution of the NPC Schemes. The Stakeholder Forum consists of representatives from enterprises, authorities, various types of technology and service providers including Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms, among others. 

The NPC Stakeholder Forum has a minimum of two meetings per year. To encourage continuity in the work of the forum, the aim is to have a stable and committed membership with representatives participating continuously.

If you would like to join the NPC Stakeholder Forum or have any questions regarding the Stakeholder Forum, please do not hesitate in contacting Jenny Winther by e-mail jenny.winther@npcouncil.org or phone +46 70 648 92 99.

Minutes from Stakeholder Forum meetings

Stakeholder Forum Meeting no. 6  November 24, 2021

Stakeholder Forum Meeting no. 5  September 15, 2021


Stakeholder Forum Meeting no. 4  May 26, 2021

Stakeholder Forum Meeting no. 3  March 17, 2021

Stakeholder Forum Meeting no. 2 December 2, 2020

Stakeholder Forum Meeting no. 1 September 29, 2020